Highlights of Some Top Pakistani Fashion Designers

Fashion Designers play a vital role in designing of cloths for specific country’s owner and pride. Fashion designers play a role in establishing the Fashion declaration of the country. Enormous fashion designers are coming to fashion field and trying to prove their talents in fashion designing industry of Pakistan. Pakistani Fashion designers are playing an  important role in building the Pakistani fashion industry.

In Pakistan if we want to discover the emerging and top Fashion designers we can search easily because now fashion designers are paying huge amount in marketing their brands and designs through magazines, internet and television. Fashion weeks are also organized with Top models and designers to promote the Fashion Designers of Pakistan. Some of the top Fashion Designers are:

Sadaf Malaterre

Karachi based malaterre bought a Parisian style to Pakistan. Her designs are slightly boho(think harem-pant jumpsuits) and bright with no embroidery on it. This lady knows about the cuts of dress as nobody in Pakistan does luxury ready-to-wear as she does.

Fashion Designer-Sadaf

Nilofer Shahid:

Nilofer shahids collecton like Meera’s is dress by Madonna, Jemima khan and numerous saudi Princesses and also Princes Diana. She is planning to showcase the designs at IFW. Her collection is sum up of royalty in sub-continental era.

Nilofer Shahid-Pakistani Fashion Designer

Ammar Belal

One of the top designers who married to top model Amna Haq. He is going to appear in IFW this year. His cloths are” punky and theatrical” and sometime crazy and not made for faint hearted women..

Ammar Belal-Fashion Designer

Faiza Samee

The dress she designs is regal, elegant, and traditional with a twist of fun. Her cloths are delicate and beautiful. Her dresses are also shown at the V& A museum and she has also designed the Benazir wedding dress.

Pakistani Fashion Designer-Faiza Samee


Hassan Sheharyar Yasin is one of the best Pakistani designers. He designs for Pakistan and also for west world. HSY is renowned designer for bridal wear.HSY is always a success story to read and ready for ramp.

Hassan Sheharyar Yasin

Sana Safinaz

Sana and Safinaz are best friends and also sisters-in-law. At recent bridal exhibition, ambulances had to be called on Sana Safinaz collection because women with high-heeled broke out and fight over their collection. Sana Safinaz collection is adored and simply stunning.

Sana Safinaz


Kaftans and Frocks in Latest Trends of Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion follows the traditional and unusual style of Fashion where now a day’s Kaftans and frocks have picked the eye of every one.


In Fashion trends of Pakistan in 2011 there are diversity of stylish and unique which catches the eye of apparels. The latest trend of summer 2011 is flowing and comfortably worn by every Pakistani woman. From women to young girls like school and college going girls, every girl mostly likes to wear the kaftan and frocks.

Frock Design

In latest Fashion of 2011; however the kaftan was wear by African and Middle East country women since the ancient times but now this trend has moved to Pakistan and become the heart touching fashion for women of Pakistan. Kaftan is considered to be the elegant dress by using patterned embroidery and beautiful embellishment work. The kaftan is now the most favorite dress to wear in special occasions and events like the wedding and some big parties as used to be the royal occasion of North African.In every new era, this trend of kaftan is repeatedly invented as according to the latest Pakistani fashion dresses the kaftan is preferred to be used as summer dress as well as party wear with beautiful embroidery work.

Pakistani Fashion Dress

When it comes to buying of kaftan and frocks is pointed then some few points that should be notified. Some of the points mentioned as; the choice of quality fabric that should be comfortable and easy to wear. Simply kaftan can be made unique and stylish too by using some embroidery work. Kaftan has grasped the importance in Pakistani latest fashion that women are seeking to wear it and style them in their own style.

Royal Kaftan Dress

Hot and latest trend with Kaftan is Frocks with beautiful and attractive colors which make this dress more prominent and eye-catching.The most latest trend is loose and airy kaftan and frocks which can be long and short. Some women like to wear Kaftan and frocks with full length then there is no need to accessorize it, as it is much by itself. Kaftan and frocks can be worn on pants and trousers and also “churridar pajama”.

Pakistani Frock

The Classy Embroidery Work on Pakistani Dresses

Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric with needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery may also include other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. Pakistani dresses are famous for the classy embroideries on them.

It is also part of Pakistani cultural heritage. Embroidery designs are the best way to transform an outfit into something spectacular. Various types of embroidery work are done. Here are the popular types of embroidery:

Embroided Dress

Aabla-Is a type of Mirror work. Aari- Embroidery done on a cot, it is also called as Khatla work aari. Badla- It has flat metallic, silver or gold wire embroidery. Butas and Butis- Motifs composed of floral forms fitted into paisley shapes derived from the Mughal era. Lari-Fine quality gold threads embroidery.

Embroidery Blue Thread

Phool Patti Work- Appliqué work on usually organdi or other fabric cutouts in floral and leaf motifs are affixed on to a plain fabric sometimes in tandem with silver tilla embroidery. Chikan Work- Originating from Lucknow this involves a technique of finding separated warp and weft threads for a textural effect. Taipchi- Darn stitch on muslin. Khatwa- Inverted satin stitch on muslin.

Hand Embroidery

Murri/ Phanda- Satin stitch knots. Jaali-This is net work. Phulkari- Flower motifs, geometric patterns, surface satin stitching using silk floss threads. Zardosi- Leaf-scroll worked in gold and silver thread on silk, satin, velvet and other rich fabrics. Zardosi is also combined with Dabka work.

Beautiful Embroided Dress

Mokaish- Silver dots strewn all over is Mokaish work. Kashida- This type is mix of textile embroidery and printing. Kantha Work- It resembles the running stitch. Ek taar- This is single thread embroidery used in tandem with crystals.

Black Embroided Dress

Resham- Fine silk thread work. Bead and Crystal Work- Resham work is teamed with beads, diamantes, rhinestones and Swarovski crystal. Sitara Work- Sequins are embroidered into the fabric.

Fabulous and Famous Designer’s Wear of Pakistan

Designer Wear is always appreciated. Pakistani fashion industry has made its name globally. Designer wear are expensive as well as gorgeous and classy. Fashion designers of Pakistan are known for designing unique and glamorous dresses. Designer wears are available in all types of Pakistani dresses i.e. shalwar kameez, frocks, lehngas, shararas, gharara, kurtis or stylish tops.

Pakistani Dress

New collections of designer dresses keep arriving by different fashion designers of Pakistan. Each collection has its own charm and is promoted through fashion shows. We see a variety of designer dresses with beautiful color schemes. Fashion shows are arranged regularly in every season for the introduction of new trends and styles. Fashion is promoted through multiple ways i.e. fashion shows, media, boutiques etc. Pakistan is advancing in fashion day by day.

Pakistani Fashion Dresses

The top fashion designers of Pakistan: Amir Adnan, Asifa and Nabeel, Bunto Kazmi, Deepak Perwani, Faiza Samee, HSY- Hasan Shehreyar Yasin. Amir Adnan has been labeled for International menswear.  Asifa and Nabeel are known for their eastern and trendy dresses. Bunto Kazmi has made name for designing traditional/cultural dresses. The product of Deepak Perwani includes men’s wear and bridal wear, bridal accessories, saris and formal wear. Faiza Samee is famous for her innovative embroideries on different dresses. Hasan Shehreyar Yasin started as bridal and formal designer but now generates designer collections for both men and women. They have proved themselves internationally.

Pakistani Designer Dress

Many people prefer designer wear for high class standard statement. A woman likes something exclusive every time. One can have designer wear in casual, bridal, formal or semi casual. Designer wear are available in traditional and eastern dressing code as well. Smart tops and kurtis are designed for young girls. Moreover designer sarees available in Pakistan are loved by most of the women.

Pakistani Dress

Eternal Glamour of Sarees Fashion

Sarees fashion is basically derived from India & Pakistan. Sarees have been a part of the tradition of these two countries from decades. This is a true glamorous fashion for every important event of a woman’s life. Saree gives a smart and attractive look to the wearer. There are varieties of sarees in today’s fashion world i.e. chiffon sarees, banarsi sarees, georgette sarees, silk sarees, jamawar sarees etc. It can be casual, designers, bridal or party wear saree. Mostly silk sarees are liked as silk and cotton are known to be the best quality fabrics. Some women prefer designer sarees for different colorful daily life occasions.

Smart Sarees

The era of saree fashion is unending; it is a forever fashion because of its uniqueness and charm. The demand of sarees have reached heights, there is a stream of saree designs in various styles. Sari is generally made from 6 yards of cloth and wrapped around the body. The prices of sarees depend on the fabric used and the embroidery work on it.

Bridal Saree

Bridal saree is heavily decorated with expensive embroidery work i.e. crystal work, thread work, sequins, beads, stones, mirror works etc. The color selection is highly focused for the bridal saree. Traditionally, red is the preferred color on weddings. But with the advancement of fashion nowadays brides prefer to wear those colors that compliment their skin tone and jewelry like maroon, green, turquoise blue and other bright colors are popular choices of today’s  bride however red is still highly preferred.

Pakistani Embroided Sari

Young girls love existing styles of designer sarees and always welcome the new arrivals. They wear them on social occasions and parties etc. A matching saree blouse is designed along with saree. The saree blouse back designs are available in different styles and fabrics.

Women are always attracted to the new collections of sarees. It is a very trendy and fashionable outfit.

Kurtis the Best Choice for the Young Girls

Kurtis are loose shirts falling either just above or somewhere below the knees of the wearer. These are mostly worn on jeans, Capri pants or trousers by teenage girls. These kurtis are shorter than the traditional garments and are made with lighter materials. This fashion is extremely inn and is preferred by most teenage girls. Now-a-days there is a huge variety in kurtis as they are available with much fascinating and attractive designs.

Green Kurti for women

Young girls wear short as well as long kurtis in different colors and styles. Kurtis look very pretty on young girls and they truly enhance the beauty of the wearer. It possesses qualities of comfortable and stylish dress. The designs of kurtis vary from season to season. Light and calm colored kurtis are preferred in summer season i.e. blue; green etc. whereas dark and warm colors are liked in winters i.e. orange, red etc. Designers by keeping in mind these things design amazing kurtis by using different fabrics. Kurtis are suitable for both everyday and occasional wear.

White Cotton Kurti

Moreover the kurtis are also available in frock styles which look glamorous on skinny jeans. The kurti styles include short sleeved, long sleeved, frock style, coat collar neck style, frilled and many more. The most wanted kurti designs are: striped, floral, embroidered, cuts, and patched. Kurtis have become the most common trendy wear these days in Pakistan as it is best for all seasons. They are good for both college and office use. College/university going girls find kurtis much favorable for daily activities.

Kurti for Women

We can see a flood of kurti fashion on media as well. Many heroines/actresses wear different stylish designer kurtis on screen. This fashion has reached its peak not only in Pakistan but in India as well. Many bollywood actresses have been seen wearing kurtis off screen and on screen. Kurti fashion has created ripples in fashion world.


Latest Classy Trends of Party or Formal Wear Dresses in Pakistan

Pakistani formal dresses have been known for their absolute beauty, femininity and elegance all over the world. Pakistani men and women are big followers of latest and classy trends of formal wear dresses. Pakistani formal dresses are up to date in fashion with variety of collection and also follow the latest trends which usually wear in evening, wedding, parties and family friend’s get-together.

Pakistani Anarkali Suit

Latest trends for women in formal are Anarkali Pishwas frocks which quickly eye catching. This is one of the fashionable and traditional Pakistani formal wear. This Anarkali dress is worn on “churridar pajama”. This dress enjoys both casual and formal dress wear at the same time.

Pakistani Formal Dress

Pakistani formal wear also includes shalwar kameez which gives the most elegant and decent look. As latest fashion is changing very frequently but the importance and elegance of shalwar kamez in formal wear can never be clinched out of the Pakistani fashion. Shalwar kameez is traditional dress of Pakistan. In formal and party wear Pakistani Shalwar kameez has always gained a preference from ladies.

Pakistani Anarkali Suit

According to the latest formal and party wear trends large flower patterns, block prints around sleeves, neckline and on borders are very much in. Formal wear is usually made up of embellishment in floral and leaf design on hemline and bodice, sequins work, embroidery, Borders on hemline, different size of motifs etc.

Pakistani Dresses Formal Wear

Open long A-line shirt, long moon-cut shirts, and flowy frocks with your own desirable style are very much in Pakistani Formal and party wear that can make your personality vibrant and bright. Pakistani Formal wear can be designed from re-knowned designers, boutiques and big garments shopping malls.

Pakistani Dress Formal Wear

Among all the formal and party wear dresses in Pakistan can discriminate itself for offering a great incorporating styles into it. The latest formal and party wear dresses of 2011 is combination of slight western touch in according to latest trends in variety of designs and styles, which are getting huge admiration and approval.

Party Dresses Pakistan



Beauty, Comfort & Attraction with Pakistani Casual Dresses

No one wants to be formally dressed all the time. Casual dresses are important for comfort and relaxation. In daily life and work everyone needs the dress in which he/she feels easy and comfortable. Pakistani casual dresses satisfy all the points of a calming casual dress. Even when you go out for work you need not to dress formally as now you can see casual dresses which are stylish with comfortable fabric and easy wearing.

The use of patches of different clothes in various ways makes the casual dress attractive. Also light embroidery or ribbons adds into the charm of a casual dress. Pakistani casual dresses include shalwar kameez, kameez trouser, kurti trouser, a line dresses, anarkali churidar and other similar kinds of dresses.

Pakistani Dresses- Casual Wear

Some of the leading designers of Pakistani casual wear dresses include Amir Adnan, Sobia Nazir, Gul Ahmad, Maria B and Sobia Aamir.  Many boutiques of major cities of Pakistan i.e. Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad have a splendid collection of stylish casual dresses and are liked and appreciated widely. Famous boutiques of Pakistan are: Breeze, generation, Cynosure, Maria.B, Gul Ahmed etc.

Pakistani Dress-Casual Wear

Beautiful exclusive prints are available in markets from where women enjoy shopping and then transforming it into a beautiful dress through tailors. Pakistani casual dresses vary from season to season like in summer you see exceptional lawn prints and in winter’s varieties of warm dresses. Also the colors for a casual wear are selected according to the season. Young youth loves to wear casual outfits in daily activities like going for a movie, family dinner, friend’s get-together etc.

Pakistani Casual Dress

New trends are introduced frequently in casuals. Variety of styles in shalwar kameez keep arriving, for instance nowadays you see that anarkali style is extremely inn and are preferred by most Pakistani ladies as its look amazing and satisfies all the requirements of a casual dress.